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Types of Membership

We offer four types of membership of the Footwear Exchange: General Member, Associate Member, Consultant, Honorary Fellow. Out of four types General Member, Associate Member and Consultant can be both Individual and Organization. Honorary Fellow is reserve only for Individual.

General Member

A general member is normally an individual or organization, no matter his educational background or engagement of footwear, leather and allied industry.  Anyone interested can join as General member.

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Associate Member

An Associate Member is an individual or organization who is actively engaged in footwear, leather and allied industry. Graduate from any footwear, leather institutions around globe can directly apply for Associate member. Any individual or organization who is engaged more than 2 years in footwear, leather and allied industry also can apply. Each application is considered by the footwear exchange Applications Group.

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A consultant can be anyone who has a truly significant contribution to his or her respective field. A good academic record for individual or at least 5 years working experience in respective field will be considered for consultancy. Please write to [email protected] if you are interested for working as consultant.

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Honorary Fellow

An Honorary Fellow is an individual recognized by the footwear, leather and allied industry to have rendered outstanding services to the sector or to community in general. An Honorary Fellow is chosen by the footwear exchange Advisory Board and Board of Management.

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International quality standards

Global procurement platform

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