Design positive image of Bangladesh Leather and Leather Sector.

Poster Design Competition 2022

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Aim of the Competition

Leather is one of the oldest industries in Bangladesh and still country’s second largest (combining leather product and footwear) source of foreign exchange after RMG. But, over the past few years, the export earnings of Bangladesh’s leather industry itself have been declining demand for the crust and processed leather in the export market, the rising popularity of artificial leather, lack of proper waste management, safety and compliance issues, lack of new investment, lack of product variety and finally image crisis as polluted sector.

Whereas having a favorable environment for raising and nurturing animals, Bangladesh has 2 percent of the total livestock population in the world. Bangladesh’s Leather is internationally popular for its high-quality fine grain leather, uniform fiber structure, smooth feel, and natural texture.

This is where the scope of this competition lies, to build positive image of ‘Bangladesh Leather and Leather Sector’.

  • It includes reminding the individuals’ responsibilities towards this sector.
  • It includes the great news or message of Bangladesh Leather Sector that people don’t know earlier – any research findings, any positive initiative, any unique leather, or leather product attribute, any awareness towards people for betterment of this industry.

Condition for Participation in the Competition

Who can apply?

  • Any individuals currently enrolled as students in any Bangladeshi University
  • Any individual working in Bangladesh leather, footwear, and allied industry
  • Any individual who has some message to share about leather and Bangladesh leather industry

How many posters can submit?

  • There is no limitation of numbers of poster a participate/s can submit in the competition. However, only one (1) prize will be awarded by one participant.

Team or Individual?

  • Poster may design by single author or by a team. Team should contain maximum 3 members and should be one team leader to communicate.


About Design Specification?

  1. The dimensions of the design should be A3 (297mm×420mm)
  2. There is no limitation in the use of color and technique in poster works.
  3. There is no limitation for format as well. Any formats are welcome.
  4. There should not be any logo, institution name or sign on the designs or posters. Organizers will communicate individual / team if needed.
  5. If some message of leather characteristics or Bangladesh leather sector taken from book, journal, research paper – source should be mentioned in the design.
  6. In the competition, only poster designs related to the specified competition subject will be evaluated. Otherwise, it will be eliminated.
  7. The content you submit should be positive and cannot involve commercial advertisements, personal privacy or other sensitive information.
  8. The language of the messages to be used on the designs participating in the competition can be Bangla or English or blend of both.
  9. If the Organizing Committee deems necessary, it may change the competition calendar or cancel the competition at any stage.
  10. The results of the competition will be communicated to social media.
  11. First-degree relatives of the selection committee members cannot participate in the competition.

Competition Calendar

Competition Start: 15 May 2022

Competition Deadline: 15 Jul 2022

Jury Evaluation: 16-20 Jul 2022

Poster Release (10 poster) through digital Media (from number 10 to 1): 24 Jul – 4 Aug

Prize Handover: By 14 Aug

What makes winner?

10 Posters will select based on poster message (50% weight) + poster design (50% weight). If more than one poster gets same number by juries, toss will take place to select top 3 winner. A jury board (maximum 5 members) will be formed to select winning posters.


1st Prize: BDT 10,000

2nd Prize: BDT 5,000

3rd Prize: BDT 3,000 (2 prizes)

All top 10 winners will get digital certificate of Achievement.

We will share top 10 posters in our social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) and presented soft copy to related stakeholder of Bangladesh leather sector if someone interested to print or buy. In that case 60% value of selling price will be given to owner of design and rest will take by Footwear Exchange as facilitator.


  • All entries become the property of the Footwear Exchange.
  • Except as used by the Footwear Exchange, all artists, including the winner, will retain the rights to their work. Entry in the contest constitutes full permission to publish names and photos of winners without further compensation. The determination of eligibility of entries and any interpretation of these rules is at the sole discretion of the Footwear Exchange and shall be final and binding upon all entrants.
  • By participating, the entrant agrees to abide by and be bound by these rules.

As the organizers of the “Design positive image of Bangladesh Leather and Leather Sector” competition, we ensure that the personal information and personal rights acquired during registration and participation will be reserved and will not be shared with other persons.

Other issues related to the competition

  • Candidates participating in the competition are deemed to have accepted all the conditions in this specification in advance from the moment they apply to participate in the competition.
  • In matters not specified in the specification or in case of doubt, the decisions of Footwear Exchange are valid.

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