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Virtual learning session that sets you apart

Flexible but structured approach

Module based learning experience

Combining theory and functional practice

On completion of this program, you’ll walk away with:

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Program Director


Hossain Tawhid Imam


Hossain Tawhid Iman is working as Leader – STRATEGIC PURCHASE with the responsibility to build and deploy worldwide mid- and long-term purchasing strategy for Footwear Industrial Division of DECATHLON.

Experienced in Recruitment, Supply chain, Product development, Project management, Quality and process Audit, Merchandising, Manufacturing engineering, Industrial pricing, Automation and supplier sourcing & animation. Hands on experience on planning, target costing and process optimization.

You’ll also hear from several guest experts, including renowned industry professionals who will share their insights and opinions.

Program outline

Modules Takeaways Key Exercises
Module 1: 4 Wks
How to get trained to be a ‘strong’ leader?PURPOSE – MISSION – VISION
*The skill to write a MISSION/ VISION & PURPOSE


-Case study
-Writing mission – vision and purpose of a company
Module 2: 4 Wks
How to define and prepare a long term & unique strategy?
*Understanding the relationship among strategy and purpose

*How to define strategy to achieve mission and purpose

-Case study
-Practicing strategy writing
Module 3: 4 Wks
How to execute strategy and drive a complete workforce towards single goal?
*How to execute strategy in all layers of management?

*How strategy must drive the long term objectives of an entity?

-Operational planning
-Tactical planning
-Strategic planning

This program is for you, if

–You have 2-5 years experience in leather/footwear industry

–You have sharp communication skills

–You have deep interest into manufacturing / production

–You have managerial courage

–You want to lead the change

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