Learning with Expert is a training program of Footwear Exchange where individual experts or organization trained targeted participants on different topics, hard or soft skills, innovation and technology that relate leather, footwear and allied industry.

It can also be used to trained people for organization’s new tools, newly innovative product that plan to launch market and for marketing purpose.


Individual Trainer perspective:

Sharing your expertise not only helps others in their professional endeavors, it also helps you. Here’s how…

1.It engrains what you know. Nothing helps deepen knowledge as effectively as sharing it.

  1. It expands what you know. Sharing your expertise means inviting a new conversation. If you are open minded, you may learn something in the process as well.
  2. It establishes your reputation as an authority. Instead of tellingpeople you’re an expert, give them a taste in a way that helps raise their level of expertise too.
  3. It increases your professional value. When your expertise helps other people, you become a more valuable part of it. Your presence can translate into tangible and intangible rewards.

Organizational Perspective:

When you sponsor or organized a training and development programs, it can be one of the most effective and successful ways of marketing your business.

1.You get a high-quality audience. The people who sign up for and attend our training and development programs share certain qualities and these qualities make them valuable targets for your marketing.

2.You get a self-selected group. Attendees will naturally sign up to the course that’s most relevant to them. You can choose the specific demographic that you want to target.

3.You deliver a relevant message. It will provide an unparalleled way of delivering multiple, highly targeted marketing campaigns directly to the audiences you want to reach.

4.You grow your organization image. They will receptive audience who are genuinely hungry for new information and ideas. act as your product or service ambassador.

Participants Perspectives:

Training courses provide a range of benefits and solutions to many career-related problems. Here’s how..

1.Sharpen Existing Skills. Being open to input from outside sources always leads to new ways of seeing things, even when you’ve been following the same routine for several years.

2.Boost your employability. One key reason you should take a training course is to boost your employability. They might well boost your skills in a certain area in relation to your career.

3.Increase your progression opportunities. Training courses are also great because they provide a way to enhance your current job or career path, thus enabling opportunities for progression.

4.Get a taste of something new. Training courses provide the perfect opportunity to kick your career up a gear.


Either in online or physical or both format.


Any time, anywhere. Depending on individual / organizational interest and agreement with Footwear Exchange.


Footwear, leather and allied industry designers, academicians, business leaders, policymakers, brands, retailers, marketers, producers, workers, footwear and leather product lovers. Any individuals who wish to build his or her career in this industry.


It can be a formal classroom session, online webinar, series of webinar, video learning – no limitation of format. We wish individual or organization will provide completion certificate with or without assessment.

How much?

No boundaries. Depending on individual / organizational interest and agreement with Footwear Exchange.

Role of Footwear Exchange for this program

Footwear Exchange is initiator and organizer of this program. Understanding industry / people expectation, they will design the program that really support big impact of this sector. They will also try to understand the organization need and what they want to achieve. Taking responsibility from beginning to end and turning concepts into reality. They will act as secretariate of this program / project.