Industrial training in the field of engineering and technology is an integral part of the curriculum as it is considered to be the first job experience for a ‘would-be professional.’ As a trainee in industry, students get a hands-on approach in work life and can put their theoretical knowledge to practice and realize their actual potential.

Here is some guideline for Industrial Training that make it more effective:


Set your mindset

Set industrial mind set. Re-set your student life life-style. Reschedule your tuition, social involvement etc. If you are late riser, change your habit.

Set your clear goal or expectation from industrial training. This is chance you understand your actual potentials if you able to work in industry in your career. Otherwise after industrial training, focus on your suitable career.

Know work-flow of the industry. This time you have theoretical work-flow with you that you learned from your course or explore internet to get idea.

Set an initial schedule of you training. For example, in your 2 months industrial training, you will pass 1 week in cutting section, 2 weeks in lasting etc.

Prepare logistic. You may need to take lot of note in line, picture if factory allow.

Before Start Training

– Set Industrial Mindset
– Set Clear goal
– Know work-flow
– Set own schedule
– Prepare Logistics


Sense check period

Be curious to get idea about new life. As this is trial of your future career, try to be curious as much as possible.

Review workflow that you set in preparation stage. Different factory has different workflow.

Review and modify your schedule. Try to put responsible from whom you learn, mostly line leader or from supervisor or from management people. Some factory already provides you a schedule. Follow them.

Try to get a mentor where you can get support during your training.

1st Week Of Training

-Be curious
-Review work-flow
-Review Schedule
-Get a mentor


Act like a pro

Be punctual. As this is trial of your future career, try to be punctual as much as possible. Even do overtime as in real life you need to do that.

Try to stick on schedule. Spend more time in production floor. It’s sometimes difficult to concentrate as you may feel you already know all production process after 1st week.

Gather maximum information you can from factory and production process. Always try to investigate 5W & 1H for each operation. Try to connect what you learned from course.

Do job like a professional. Sometimes it boring and monotonous to stay more time in same operation or section but you will get new difficulties everyday in production.

-Observe insight, not only what you see. Apply BEGGINERS MINDSET

Ask yourself WHY, WHY and WHY. Analyze Root Cause.

During Training

-Be punctual
-Stick on Routine
-Gather maximum information
-Act like a pro
-Apply Beginners Mind
-Ask WHY, WHY and WHY

Tips: 5W & 1H Questionnaire for each operation


  • Who is involve in this part of the process?
  • Who set the work routine?
  • Who else can do?
  • Who will take over when this part of the process is complete?

Note: Who is a people word. Be careful of asking who should be blamed for any problems you pick up!


  • What input do you receive?
  • What could or should be done instead?
  • What output are you expected to deliver?
  • What factors cause challenges?


  • Where do materials or other input come from?
  • Where is the worked performed?.
  • Where else could it or should it be done?
  • Where do your output go?


  • When do you receive process inputs?
  • When would be the best time to receive them?
  • When you have completed your part of the process?
  • When does the next sub-process begin?


  • Why do you perform the step or sub-step?
  • Why do you do this portion of the task?
  • Why perform tasks in this specific order?
  • Why it is important to our customer?


  • How do you perform the step or sub-step?
  • How do you do this portion of the task?


Check & Evaluation

Thank to everyone support you during training. Note that they spend their valuable time for you. Be grateful to them, no matter which role or position they belong to.

Keep good networking with them. Specially with the management people so that if you decide to build your career in production, they can be you reference point.

Make a report and check difference what you learned in course and factory. Check with your course teacher.

Share your report with you friends who did industrial training in different factory. Note that every factor is different to do even same thing.

-Ask yourself: Am I fit for production job?

After Training

-Thank to Everyone
-Keep communication with your network
-Make a report
-Share with others and get feedback
-Ask Yourself / Rate yourself


Mizanur Rahman
Experienced Footwear Business Management Professional.