Being the shoe lovers, one of the first attraction that me and my wife visited, was the Bata shoe museum Located in Toronto when we first came to Canada. Interestingly, the idea of visiting the museum kind of kindled when we surprisingly got connect with Sonja Bata over an online platform, who happens to be the founder of museum.

The museum actually originated from the personal collections of Sonja Bata. She began collecting footwear in the 1940s; just few year after she married Czech-Canadian Thomas Bata (founding member of Bata Shoe Organization); however, the first exhibition took place in 1992 followed by a permanent facility inauguration in 1995.

Some interesting fact about this museum:

  • You will not see Bata branded shoes on display at the museum, not even 1 pair!
  • Every month, you will find something new to see at the museum on the display!
  • The museum collections which is around 4,500 year old, yes, you heard me, more than 4 centuries old!
  • Once upon a time, the Japanese used to make sandals from human hair; yes, I didn’t know until I saw them in the museum!
  • Napoleon sock! Those sock were really big, and you got to see those here!
  • Did you know, people started using skating shoes back in 18th century! Yes, the museum has the proof of those shoes on the wheel!
  • Computer shoes from 1980’s, sports brand PUMA actually made those. Those shoes had a computer chip that was able to record your footstep and calories you burnt!

Space boot, worn by an astronaut

Mentioned slippers invented in need of Muslims as they need to remove shoes before entering Mosque.

Among the collection’s most popular features is an extensive assortment of celebrity footwear, including Queen Victoria’s ballroom slippers, Robert Redford’s cowboy boots, Elton John’s monogrammed silver platform boots, Terry Fox’s running shoe, Elvis Presley’s blue patent loafers, Karen Kain’s ballet shoes, John Lennon’s Beatle boot, Clara Hughes Skates & so on.




Glass slippers or Cinderella shoe

Theme was from Golden Winged sandal for Greek God Hermes


Tareq Satter and Salma Firdaous Dina

Toronto, Canada.