Footwear Exchange regularly publishes peer reviewed articles, news, news analysis, views and interviews, event and technology review etc. related to footwear, leather and allied industries. Here are some policies and instructions for the authors to understand and comply for the submission for publication.

Peer Review Policy

Footwear Exchange operates a rigorous double-blind reviewing policy in which the reviewer’s name is withheld from the author and, the author’s name from the reviewer. The reviewer may at their own discretion opt to reveal their name to the author in their review, but our standard policy practice is for both identities to remain concealed.

Subject Matter for Reviewed Article

Contributions suitable for the reviewed article section of Footwear Exchange should fall into one of the following classifications:

  1. Fundamental research articles, presenting important new information and data in any area of science related to the footwear, leather and allied industry,
  2. Technical articles describing development work, engineering advances and innovations in Footwear, leather and allied industry manufacture and processing,
  3. Laboratory techniques with enough experimental data to illustrate the utility of methods or equipment described,
  4. Review articles of an authoritative and critical nature on a topic of major importance.


In addition, all papers must be clearly presented in good English; articles may have to be rejected solely because they require excessive editing.

Manuscripts must not have been copyrighted, classified, or submitted for publication elsewhere. All original journal articles are copyrighted in the name of the publisher. Previously copyrighted material may be published with the written permission of the copyright holder.

Author Guidelines for News Analysis, Event Preview/Review, Technical Articles, Technology Updates etc

  1. The manuscript should consist of a Microsoft Word document containing the title.
  2. Footwear Exchange encourages articles on issues related to recent incidents and future aspects within depth view and original & exclusive statistics. None of the texts, figures, pictures or tables could be copied from other sources. Content must be original with new exclusive angle in it. Contributors can collect texts, figures, pictures or tables etc. from other sources but those must be edited and modified to comply with the key message of the article. Never use texts, figures, pictures or tables etc. as it is from the sources. When contributors modify content, they still should keep source information.
  3. Footwear Exchange encourages small articles or news or news analysis. All contributions must be brief and concise. We encourage more graphics and less text. Please try to focus more on info graphics. Articles should fit in maximum one or one and half standard Footwear Exchange page. There may be longer articles exceptionally if needed. But we encourage even shorter original news and news analysis.
  4. Footwear Exchange welcomes contributions on any issues related to its readers’ base and complying with its editorial commitment. It encourages contributors to share the topics with its editor in prior as if editor can give necessary specific guidelines and thought.
  5. Footwear Exchange encourages exclusive articles on seminar, conferences, exhibitions, business travels and interviews. Those articles should have an effective angle focusing a message (not just focusing the event). Contributors must inform Footwear Exchange’s editor prior to preparing the article in these cases.
  6. Contributors must submit references, sources and raw contents etc. to Footwear Exchange those have used in the article.
  7. Footwear Exchange encourages contributors to read its publications regularly and provide valued feedback on those.