What you have in your hands is the very first issue of a brand-new magazine
of ‘Footwear Exchange’. Congratulations!

It is with great pleasure that we write this lead-o editorial in ‘Footwear Exchange Magazine’, a publication for everyone interested in the world of leather, footwear, leather goods, accessories, chemical and allied industries. The objectives of this magazine are to develop a positive image of sector of Bangladesh through information based community, to link between industries in home and abroad and to integrating research, survey activities in positive approaches. This magazine will be published quarterly basis (either in digital, printed or in both form) with the aim of covering the leather, footwear, leather goods, chemical and allied industries.

For the very first issue, we have chosen our theme ‘A new beginning’, considering our initiative and world reality. Starting from 2020, covid-19 still key driver of our everyday life. Today’s world is not the same world that we usually live. No matter it is personal or professional, a new beginning is must to go forward.

We are observing lot of challenges during this pandemic, at the same we have seen lot of good initiative, for people and process. Despite our challenges, we have also a big hope, we are now in cross-road of moving next level. There is always a debate of leather and non-leather footwear – what is future! Bangladesh government is taken lot of initiative to facilitate growth of sector, still our factories decentralization is far away. Thanks to some intrapreneur who showed their courage to go outside comfort zone. Efficiency, distance quality management become more important than ever. Researcher proof that leather may alternate but never copied. All these topics we have tried to cover in our very first issue.

All the best and happy reading!